Skills & Services

To produce 3D many skills are required to attain the finished project. For instance I have skills with photoshop and illustrator required for texturing models. The 'Time Machine' project required extensive use of illustrator to produce the multitude of patterns required. Fortunately, I enjoy learning and have always been quick to learn new software, you should never stop learning new skills.

Application Knowledge

  1. 3DS Max
  2. Mudbox
  3. Adobe Photoshop
  4. Adobe Illustrator
  5. Flash CS3
  6. Dreamweaver
  7. Microsoft Office
  8. Microsoft Access
  9. Indesign
  10. Adobe Audition
  11. Sony Vegas


  1. User experience design
  2. Web design & web development
  3. Logo creation
  4. Knowledge of accessibility issues
  5. Flash animation & Actionscripting
  6. Audio & video editing
  7. Analytic and visual thinker
  8. Ability to programme in many languages
  9. Adaptability and a good problem solver



  1. CSS
  2. XHTML
  3. PHP
  4. Actionscript
  5. JavaScript
  6. jQuery
  7. C++
  8. C#
  9. Basic
  10. VBA

3D Modelling

I have always had a keen interest in computers, graphics and programming. I found the learning process of writing computer languages like C, C# and C++ enjoyable. Over time I became fascinated with the concept of 3D, especially when it became so realistic that you couldn't tell high quality models apart from real objects. The great thing about 3D art is that you never stop learning or developing your skill.

One of my 3D animations was used on a promotional video for a band called Jackdaw4. The video featured the famous comedic artists Armstrong and Miller.

I was also contacted by the respected film producer C.Tad.Devlin who produced the movie 'George of the jungle'. He was extremely impressed by my modelling skills, and indicated he would possibly like to work on a future project with me.

Later I was asked to create a realistic scene of a hospital corridor when the building was new. I was originally sent a picture of the corridor when it was in a state of decay. Both these scenes were to be featured in a horror story.

I have 18 years' experience in producing quality 3D work. I enjoy experimenting and working with Rayfire and Fumefx plugins. They are both extremely effective, when breaking solid looking objects such as glass, and the latter for explosions and realistic fire. These applications are both used in the advertising and movie industry.


One of my favourite projects is a short video entitled Tachyon about an animated robot. I hope to expand this work into a full blown animation at some point. Iconic movies like 'Bladerunner' and 'Tron' have been an inspiration to me regarding this type of genre.


I find the whole process of building realistic 3D models exciting. However, when you animate something you have created, that is a fantastic feeling. I have acquired numerous skills in animation. You can see examples of my animations in the video gallery. Some of the videos are tests for bigger projects, which I can't always show due to confidentiality. The next level I plan to move onto is character animation, and rigging models.


Game Models & Programming

My most recent projects include making models for 3D computer games. This is a most enjoyable challenge because this involves making the models look realistic with the least amount of polygons. You also have to think about how you use your texture space. It is also very important have to the expertise to unwrap the model efficiently. It's effectively much more imperative to keep the texture space low, than it is saving polygons.

Non 3D Projects

My current job involves writing bespoke databases. I am responsible for all the front end design and the backend coding. For the backend code I mainly use php. In the past I have used procedural code, but I like to keep up with the latest developments. I now predominantly use object orientated code and because of my solid programming background I was able to master this in a short time.

For the frontend coding I use html5 and jQuery. I always endeavour to optimize my code so it has the smallest download impact. I also write jQuery plugins which can be re-used in many projects. Writing re-usable code means the next project can be more efficient. I prefer to keep all my php in aptly named classes. I have also branched out into using php MVC (Model, View, and Controller) and developed my own my own MVC engine on the last website that I designed.

I am well versed in the use of CSS and I can competently write it from scratch. I am quick to learn new skills and face sudden challenges, when they are presented to me. I recently added Bootstrap to my programming skills remit to meet client demand.

I have recently designed a variety websites for different clients. One of the websites had a mysql database backend, and needed extensive use of php and javascript. I've also designed spec sheets in indesign and photoshop, so that the client could download straight from the website.