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Welcome to the innovative world of Asimov Enterprises. The beauty of 3D is that it is limitless, when it comes to creating a unique vision, or concept.

Almost anything is possible, when you utilise imagination beyond boundaries, and implement forward thinking. You can make what seems impossible possible, and create a dream which forms into a reality.

I work in both Mentalray and Vray with 12 years experience. I also have a good knowledge of plugins like Fumefx, and Rayfire. I also have a keen interest in game model design, and the knowledge to optimise texture space for games. My main interest is 3D modelling, but I have also programmed games in C++ and C#. I strongly believe it is essential to have a good grounding in both 2D and 3D art, to master the skills needed to create outstanding work for clients.

You can see examples of my work in the gallery. I did have a page which let you watch live previews of my 3D models, but unfortunately as browsers increased their security my 3d plugin stopped working. I am hoping to replace this at some point. The video gallery shows concepts I‘ve put together over time. Not all are intended as full blown animations, and many are just there to test out techniques for bigger projects.

Please feel free to contact me via my contact page, with any queries about ideas and future projects. I look forward to hearing from you with interest and enthusiasm.